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Here at Texas Tanglers, we offer a variety of full body waxing services. For slight imperfections in you eyebrow or brow line we have quick and easy eyebrow waxing or brow waxing services.

Facial waxing in other sensitive areas such as lip or unwanted facial hair can be fulfilled in a matter of minutes by one of our technicians.  waxing.jpg Appointments insure you of a private visit meeting your schedule but walk ins can often be served with just a short wait.  Leg waxing, back waxing and bikini waxing are offered and can usually be fulfilled during a short appointment.

Whether you’re a woman or man we offer many options as to professional full body waxing services.  Man waxing is done only when pre-approved by our staff and is done on less private areas such as back waxing, chest waxing, leg waxing, lip waxing, arm waxing or eyebrow waxing.  Men requesting body waxing services are asked to call for availability as some (private area) request will not be provided by our staff.  Woman waxing is available for brazilian waxing, waxing, bikini waxing, body waxing, eyebrow waxing, hair waxing, leg waxing, back waxing, hair removal waxing, salon waxing, eyebrow waxing services, facial waxing, pubic waxing, chest waxing, body hair waxing, pubic hair waxing, bikini line waxing, face waxing, spa waxing, upper lip waxing, lip waxing, facial hair waxing, full body waxing, underarm waxing, waxing services, bikini area waxing, eye brow waxing, brow waxing and woman waxing.  Facial waxing, lip waxing, brow waxing and many of the other less private areas can often be done for walk in clients, but we do prefer appointments to insure you get adequate time for our staff to devote ample time to satisfy your request.  Underarm waxing, leg waxing, back waxing, chest waxing and other large area waxing areas typically take a little more time to complete so for these procedures we definitely request clients to make an appointment.

If you have any questions about what our services include, please feel free to Contact us at any time at our shop, located 303 E. Denman Ave. Lufkin, Texas.
Our goal at Texas Tanglers Beauty Salon in Lufkin is to provide our clients with discreet waxing, exceptional service, with a friendly disposition, clean, comfortable environment, professional beauty salon atmosphere, all at fair price!

Lufkin Brazilian waxing is a type or style of waxing involving the bikini area.  This procedure involves the complete removal of hair from the buttocks and adjacent to the anus, labia majora and mons pubis. It can be thought of as a more extreme form of bikini waxing. The majority of types of Brazilian waxing leave a small line of pubic hair above the vulva. Depending on the salon visited waxes that completely remove the pubic hair are often termed Hollywood waxing.  Sometimes the term Full Bikini Wax, Entire Body Wax or Full Brazilian Wax is used.

Lufkin Bikini waxing refers to the removal of unwanted hair at the top of the leg, in the bikini area and below the navel, otherwise known as the bikini line.  Bikini waxing is a term generally used to describe any pubic hair that is visible beyond the boundaries of a typical bikini swimsuit.

Lufkin Body waxing refers to any part of the body a client desires to have unwanted hair professional removed.

Lufkin Eyebrow waxing refers to the removal or reshaping of ones eyebrow or “eye brow” to accentuate the eyes or other facial features.  Man waxing eyebrows is often performed to simply remove the so called uni-brow look and give the client a more traditional look.

Lufkin Hair waxing refers just as body waxing to the general hair removal on areas of a clients body where hair is not desirable.

Lufkin Leg waxing refers a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the leg hair from the root. New leg hairs will not grow back in the previously waxed area for two to eight weeks.

Lufkin Back Waxing for men and women is available and can improve the overall confidence and appearance of anyone during swim suit season and is often used by man or men bodybuilders.

Lufkin Salon waxing or Lufkin spa waxing also refers, just as body waxing to the general hair removal on areas of a clients body where hair is not desired but done by a professional.

Lufkin Facial waxing: upper lip waxing, brow waxing, eyebrow waxing or unwanted cheek hair can be quickly and easily removed.

Lufkin Pubic waxing: bikini waxing, brazilian waxing or bikini line waxing is done at Texas Tanglers on women only and allows a client to wear a bikini swim suit or undergarments without the embarrassing display of unwanted hair.

Lufkin Chest waxing for men and women is available to remove any hair that appears above the collar or is visible when wearing a scoop necked top.

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