Benefits of massage:

Body massages: Texas Tanglers Beauty Salon in Lufkin Texas offers spa treatments for deep tissue massage therapy and therapeutic massage. Our day spa allows one to fully relax as we become your number one source for stress relief massage and allow you to continue to manage that healthy life style you’ve always enjoyed.)
Corporate Massage: Our massage therapist can provide chair massages at your office to allow your employees the benefits of massage without having to take much time off from the hectic work schedule that often comes with today’s working environment. Often a professional massage can be done as a “mobile massage” right in the workplace. A fifteen minute chair massage can do wonders to improve posture, work morale, and overall healthy well being of your employees as they come to enjoy the workplace event more knowing their employer cares not only about their professional abilities but also the health and the added good attitude benefit that comes from feeling good. The healing hands massage of a therapist can bring added performance to an individual on the job and that certainly rewards the employee by increasing productivity, improving attitudes, creating a better environment which all adds to the ever shrinking bottom line.
Physical Advantages of a Massage: The fortifying touch of our therapist offers the healing affects of stress reduction from daily demands and provides distress relief from such tasks. Massage treatments decrease muscle tension, recover and regenerate an overall sense of wellness, rediscover lost exuberance, improves circulation, alleviates hypertension, treats fatigue disorders, soothes chronic pain and relieves fibromyalgia discomfort. It also replenishes endurance and stamina, refuels physical energy, restores the body’s range of motion, improves mental health, flushes harmful toxins, promotes comfort from long term physical injuries, and encourages exercise and jump starts youthful activity. Whether you are in town for business or pleasure and looking for a local message, look no further; Texas Tanglers offers a healing hands massage that promises a happy ending to a tranquil experience.
Swedish Massage: The best massage for chronic pain. Our Swedish massage Lufkin Texas offers the basic fundamentals of massage therapy techniques. If you are looking for a deep, relaxing, bodywork massage this is the one for you. Ideal for fibromyalgia sufferers. A perfect female massage or massage for men.
Deep Tissue Massage: This technique of deep tissue massage offered at Texas Tanglers in Lufkin Texas TX highlights a deep massage for individuals who suffer from the painful results of overworked or over stretched muscles that lie deep within the regions of muscle tissue.
Reflexology Massage: Reflexology massage is the art or practice of relieving pain or discomfort in a certain area of the body by massaging pressure points within the feet. Did you know massaging your big toe relieve head and neck pain?
Salt glows service: This special service adds a little extra to your therapeutic massage. This service exfoliates dead skin and replenishes the epidermis with a healthy glow and restores the skins luster and elasticity.
Cold Stone Facial Massage: This massage technique involves the use of cool stones in and around the forehead, cheeks, chin, eyelids, temples, nose and neck areas.  This healing hands massage stimulates circulation, reinvigorates skin cells and tissue, tones facial features and uplifts facial muscles inspiring a contagious and friendly smile.
Hot stone massage: This type of professional massage embraces the application of hot stones on certain areas of the body that are in need of relief from pain or strained muscular tension. This technique also soothes tense muscles, reviving deep tissue affected by old injuries or stress that sometimes isolates itself in certain areas such as the neck and shoulders. This form of hot massage will put you in a calm state and guarantees a good nights rest. This form of deep tissue message makes a perfect gift for a male massage. Ideal target for neck message, back massage, shoulder message and head massage.
Aromatherapy: The aroma of essential oils automatically places you in a serene and calm state of mind. Starting from the top of your head, the magical scents begin to relax the body. Beginning with the upper portions of the torso and conclude with the release of tension in the toes and feet. Texas Tanglers in Lufkin TX uses the aroma of these ancient medicinal oils along with the soft, peaceful, mind inducing music; create a relaxed atmosphere preparing you for a terrific therapeutic massage experience.