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   Behind every great hair cut is a trained hair stylist. At Texas Tanglers we take our hair stylist’s ability very serious. Texas Tanglers hair salon staff remains current on all the latest beauty shop trends and techniques. This way, every time you visit you get exactly the haircut you asked for.

   From contemporary hair designs, hair sets to classic styles, Texas Tanglers salon has long had an eye to cutting-edge beauty. Our hair stylists believe your hair should not only compliment your lifestyle, but actually become the very focal point of your personality. After all, nothing makes you feel more beautiful than a reliably fashionable and infinitely complimentary hair style.  Curly Sassy Bold or Straight your hair style is everything.

   Life’s too short to just wash and wear.  Whether you are seeking a hair set, hair cut or color our staff is ready to fulfill your wishes.  Our beauty salon services the following areas: Lufkin Texas, Nacogdoches Texas, Diboll Texas, Rusk Texas, Jacksonville Texas, Livingston Texas, Jasper Texas, Woodville Texas, Groveton Texas & Crockett Texas.  Texas Tanglers hair salon will be pleased to provide you with an appointment to fulfill your hair and beauty shop needs.

   Hair Color can be done with highlights, total color change or any variation so let our stylist create a look that’s just for you.  Our hair stylist can assist you in selecting the right hair color, as this can get complicated due to the number of shades, but sticking to natural hair color and adding different complimentary shades can really spruce up a hairstyle and the overall look for a client. Changing hair color totally from natural color can be dramatic if a person is not prepared. Total hair color style and change can be also very invigorating and fresh as it opens up many different looks and styles for you.

How the Right Color Can Enhance Your Look

   Hair is an important part of the visual presentation of all women. The right cut and style are important and the right color can greatly change the total appearance as well. Some shades go better with certain skin tones, clothing or even eye colors. Hair stylist can enhance looks several ways from: different hues, highlights, lowlights, and other techniques. Changing the color of the hair is as vital as changing the length or style and our hair salon will assist you from the idea to the finished product.  Choosing the right beauty salon is also important as you may want a professional to help you determine which shades are better fitted for your look. The four main shades for hair colors and those are black, brunette, red, and blonde. These four shades can have different hues as well such as golden brown, and a lot of other choices as well. Each hair color has its own properties to define the look you are seeking.

Brunette Versatility

   With the multitude of brunette shades and colors brunette hair is probably the most versatile.  A brunette’s hair color seems to match almost any skin tone. From caramel, honey brown to light auburn, there are many beautiful shades of brunette. Also available and with these color choices comes a great selection for brunettes of highlights and lowlights. Light shades can give a bright, bronze appearance that is not as strong as blonde while darker shades give a mysterious, rich look even though not as dark as black hair. Brunette hair color definitely has its advantages as it also can accentuate your facial features.

Dark Hair: back to the Basics

   Many celebrities have sleek, dark black and shiny hairstyles that offer a very exotic, mysterious look.  The longer the hair and more shine the better, dull hair is out but bright shiny hair especially dark black hair offers qualities that stand out more than other hair colors.  Black hair usually looks best plain and simple with no streaks, highlights or anything else. This simple style often creates a great look.

Look more energetic with blonde hair

    The hair color termed blonde provides an energetic quality to any style. Blonde can come in many different hues including golden, light, dirty, and the hard to accomplish platinum. The blonde colors go well with many different skin tones but are better with lighter ones as the color seems to contrast with darker skin tones. A mix of darker shades of blonde can make any hairstyle more low key and fit darker skin tones. Blonde hair can fade easily and the main key is to select a good shade tat matches individual skin tone and keep the blonde vibrant and not faded. The list of celebrities with blonde hair is endless and many have changed to blonde from other hair colors as well. Blonde hair will continue to be a favorite look for many women.

Red Hair adds Spice

    Red hair is probably the hardest to come by because if it’s not natural, creating the red shade is truly a hard feat. Naturally red heads have a great advantage in that, if maintained correctly, the hair has a natural vibrancy. The red tint seems to highlight any hairstyle and draw great attention to it. Red hair seems to be more fitted with medium and long hair lengths because shorter cuts draw a lot of features out and if a person does not have delicate features, irregular features will stand out more. The red hues can range from anything from dark red to autumn leaves.  Hair stylist love red, it’s a great hair color that can be combined with other complimentary shades to bring out the red hues for a unique hairstyle.