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303 E. Denman Avenue, Lufkin, Texas

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Lufkin Nail Salon & Nail Stylist

    Texas Tanglers is the premier Lufkin nail salon specializing in manicures, pedicures, French tips, nail polish and natural acrylic nails.

    Our nail technicians offer the highest quality manicures and pedicures in the industry. Upon completion of your manicure, choose from an assortment of nail polish colors to match your mood.

    Texas Tanglers “the” Lufkin Nail Salon, has the two top nail techs in the area who provide superior results. Nail Stylist Amy Murphy of Hudson and sister, Nail Stylist Jenny Horton of Lufkin, partnered to build this highly ranked nail salon in 1994.

    Soothing pedicures are performed in private rooms and are a great way to relax as our nail techs apply magical touches to make you feel complete. Natural looking nails are the specialty of our nail techs.

     Our customers often become personal friends as they return, time and time again, to maintain the “finished” look they acquire only at Texas Tanglers.

    Most of our Lufkin clients keep standing appointments to maintain their French nails to the standard they have come to admire and expect. Those looking for superior quality and want to enjoy their time, can be assured Texas Tanglers is the nail salon of choice. Beautiful and natural nails take time.

    We pride ourselves in allowing each client ample time to do the job right. Disposable files are used in place of drills / grinders at Texas Tanglers. This allows the technician to get that perfect shape that suits the contours of the clients nail and compliments the hands. This procedure exhibits a natural look for both French tips and natural acrylic nails.


   Call our Lufkin Nail Salon today  at (936)-634-7600 and schedule an appointment with one of our nail techs for French tips, natural nail tips, nail polish, a manicure or pedicure.